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Welcome to our new corner of the internet! This blog is an evolving tool and we hope to continue grow with more contributors and content. Be sure to sign up as a member so you can join the conversation in the comments. If you are interested in writing a post, or have an idea for a topic, please comment and we'll be in touch!

Our next meeting in Monday, March 5 at 6.30 at Panera in Yorkville. We have a full agenda planned with lots of great information for you as we head into the primary. We will be joined by the candidates for State Central Committeewoman. Julia Kennedy Beckman and Maggie Wunderly are running for the 11th district. Kristina Zahoric and Alison Squires are the 14th district candidates.

Other items on the agenda include a recap of our county coffees and an update on the progress of our Adopt-A-Precinct program. We'll also provide a brief overview of Slack, which is a fabulous tool we are using to communicate and plan our projects and events. Slack is available on a computer or through an app on your device. We really hope to create a community there where, in addition to the business, we can also commiserate, inspire, and get to know each other better. If you'd like to check it out before the meeting, here's the link to sign up

See you on Monday night! 

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